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Megh Churn (मेघ मथनी)

We usually talk about Mr. Megh, nah – The Megh….living in each one of us and the one most ill treated by us. I have heard about Megh Churn and fear it too. Even then I churned him yesterday. Mr. … Continue reading

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Megh Gaan

मेघ गान जाग मेघ अब तो जाग छेड़ दे क्रांति का राग बाँहों में नया जोश भरो सब की पीड़ा दूर करो मिटा दो ग़ुलामी के दाग़ अनपढ़ता आलस को छोड़ भाईचारे से सब को जोड़ विद्या के जलें चिराग़ … Continue reading

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General History of Maheshwari Meghwars

This piece of information taken from web site of Maheshwari Meghwars is stunning. It is clear from the following paragraphs that Meghvansh, since centuries, existed in Bihar and Megh brothers and sisters in various parts of India are struggling against same … Continue reading

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Maheshwari Meghwars (Meghwals)

ALL INDIA MAHESHWARI YOUTH FEDERATION (AKHIL BHARTIYA MAHESHWARI MEGHWAR YUVA MAHASANGH) Maheshwari Meghwar community is registered as ‘Meghwal’ caste under the Scheduled Caste category in the District of Gujarat. Its national population is nearly 4 lakhs. Of which, sizeable population … Continue reading

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An appeal to Megh Brotherhood

AN APPEAL TO THE MEGH BROTHERHOOD (Emancipation from the present Hell lies in our own hands) In view of the inclusion of a column on caste in the census schedule of Census-2011, an emergent meeting of the representatives of various … Continue reading

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Megh Chalisa

This is one of the latest publications from Meghs which presents Rajarishi Megh and his Chalisa in a new fashion and style. The first part Megh Vandana describes greatness of Megh culture prevalent during and before Indus Valley civilization. The … Continue reading

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Protecting interest of Dalit employees

Northern zone SCs/STs Welfare Federation Viru Mal Megh Viru Mal Megh addressing the meeting of Federation on 04-07-2010 Northern zone SCs/STs Welfare Federation is a registered body comprising of the representatives  of northern states of India. It looks after the … Continue reading

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Rashtriya Sarv Meghvansh Mahasabha (India)

Rashtriya Sarv Meghvansh Mahasabha (India)(Regd. No.224/88-89) Rajasthan Meghwal Samaj was established in the year 1988-89 with the mission of uniting Megh Samaj scattered in the country under different names. It has its National Executive with network in 35 districts in … Continue reading

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Bhagat Mahasabha – Introduction

Bhagat Mahasabha was established in the year 2002 with the mission to unite Megh Community. The purpose was to bring them at one platform and to create social, religious, political and historical awareness amongst them. Its founder members were Prof. … Continue reading

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Public Awareness Movement of Balai Community

Balai community of Megh lineage has started a public awareness movement. Its Executive State President is Mr.G.R. Bunkar. Development vision: Their development model includes collection of Rs.50/- from each of 500 families out the total 1500 families from a village. … Continue reading

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