Bhagat Mahasabha – Hard workers for the cause

Dr. Rajesh Bhagat and Preeti Bhagat on the dias during Kabir Prakashotsav celebrations on 26-06-2010 in Parade Ground, Jammu.

An Introduction
Bhagat Mahasabha was established in the year 2009 and its first ever function was also held in the year 2009. It has a wing called ‘Intellectuals Forum’. They have groups of followers of Satguru Kabir in all the districts falling under Jammu region. Bhagat Mahasabha has a perspective of 4-5 years for its expanded activities in furture.
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4 Responses to Bhagat Mahasabha – Hard workers for the cause

  1. Rattan says:

    Its constitutitution, aims, objects, priorities at present, future programmes, if any,should have been explained. Secondly, the word Bhagat must be defined and it may be made clear whether the word 'Bhagat' is the same that has been used for the medieval saints by the Hindu writers or else it the word used to mean 'Bhakt' that is commonly used for those who are the worshippers or the devotees of 'God'?

  2. GL says:

    Do you expect that they are what they have expressed and can they understand the gradings of medieval society? Anti Ambedkarite baptisted meghs, who are blessed by first megh sudhar movement may not be knowing whose duty is to educate the disjunctive society.

  3. Bhushan says:

    @ Gottra ji
    @ G.L. ji
    both of you have valid points. The sort of functions being organized are beginnings only. Awareness and education will follow. Let us wait.

  4. Rattan Gottra says:

    I have often explained to many of my friends/contacts that they should do away with their Anti-Ambedkarite stance, because in fact, by following the teachings of Dr. Ambedkar they could be benefitted socially, educationally, & economically. In this manner, the next important step is awareness about the sense of understanding & cooperation, without which they cannot appropriately organize themselves for selfhelp. Dr. Ambedkar termed 'selfhelp' as the best help to achieve our objectives. It is not a matter of comparison between St. Kabir or Dr. Ambedkar; but I personally feel and can explain even from the practical impact over the Indian society that best results in the field of reformation have been produced by Dr. Abedkar than any other social reformer or teacher.

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