Rashtriya Sarv Meghvansh Mahasabha (India)

Rashtriya Sarv Meghvansh Mahasabha (India)
(Regd. No.224/88-89)

Rajasthan Meghwal Samaj was established in the year 1988-89 with the mission of uniting Megh Samaj scattered in the country under different names. It has its National Executive with network in 35 districts in every tehsil. They organize various activities of social awareness throughout the year with the participation of tehsil and block level workers in the state level conference each year. For the past two years they are having a wing named Megh Sena having its unit in all the districts. They intend to open the units in each tehsil and block. Megh Sena has its own training programs. They have prepared second and third line of leadership. They have an advisory board, Legal Advisory Board and different letter heads for districts units. The details of each activity are published. In addition to Megh Sena, youth and women wings are also being strengthened. They are coordinating with other organizations having identical ideology.
Mission: To unite the Megh community scattered over a large area from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.


About meghnet

Born on January, 13, 1951. I love my community and country.
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3 Responses to Rashtriya Sarv Meghvansh Mahasabha (India)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel Economic backwardness, least education, prolonged slavery; treacheries on Meghwal Samaj had been forced to forget their religion or even unity of the community on such a great stretch of land. Today we are in groups:
    a) Intellectually honest and visionary class;
    b) educated but a time pass group;
    c) political group of different parties who are in the same boat as their fellows for whom and with whom they work;
    d) social small groups appearing as non political but in the background working as daily wages from different political ideologies and this class in the deadly enemy of the community and a great hindrances to the unity and development;
    e) the greatest set back we have in that we have no religion;
    f) We are working as a Cheempajee class -i.e. a professing class irrespective of the religion our people follow in Hinduism, island or others;

    Our target is to complete the task before our body joins the earth and its atmosphere’s constituents. As we are without religion and I am very particular about it. My view about the religion is:

    Religion is a matter of consciousness. It is a consciousness of infallible in nature. Human conscious recognizes the whisper of god. All human societies have grown on the whisper of their consciousness. Moral laws are settled on the bases of consciousness of a society. The religion and moral laws are purely for the development of a society of a particular conscious and system of unique thought or like-indedness. Conscious and moral laws of one society may not be acceptable to another society. The slavery that conscious of one generation may happily face may be revolted by the soul of second generation. The pride, power, wealth of one generation may not be liked by the soul of subsequent generation. Conscious of slavery and uneducated mind reduce a normal man to a level of an imitating soul. It becomes more like an animal soul that copies the master. It gets closer to the conscious of tamed animal. In modern terms it can be described as soul of an advance human being and a trained chimpanzee. Both are mutually exclusive but do the same physical habits but different mind and different degree of conscious.

    We look like Hindus but not allowed and human treatment. Ours is a great struggle and we are quite fast on the track.

    I would like to send you some attachment. Please provide your e-mail or contact on phone no. 9920998231

  2. Anonymous says:

    From G L Bhagat: Creation of new religion in the name of a community is a setback to unify outcaste people. It may be severe blow to Ambedkarism and consolidation of a community with the appearances of the profession as a religion. We hope they will improve upon in the times to come.
    Buddhism is the best and it is our own previous religion. As we are out castes and not recognized by “hindu Law” we are still without religion. In fact a severe forced bonded labour has forced us to forget our identity as a Buddhists. Buddhism was not wiped out of India but we were forced to forget Buddhism in India as a slave of the Hindus.
    Now, you will agree that Buddhism is a foreign word to all our community. Why it is so? As referred above. Than what? Certainly some other saint has made a place. It is Kabir to whom weavers have accepted, Ravidas to whom Chamars have accepted as guru and so on. They(Saints) had never been for one community but for oneness of humanity. They all revolutionized the society and we are cherishing it today. All communities of Buddhist origin are at a mind that is being dominated by the saints of different communities. Therefore we have to be practical in view of the existing reality about the religion.
    Please do not carry poor definition of a religion that has made the wholly humanity into its graded-ness. No two persons are equals from a different group. Even D. Radhakrishnan said it is not a religion but a way of life. If so, than how the outcastes are made slave for thousands of years? Why the benefits of social backwardness are given if one is professing Hinduism? Why the graded gods are allotted that varies from stones to supreme. Dear it is a political religion that is beyond the perception of a common man. It has made human beings as common man that was further reduced to a complete slavery and then enforced a religion on mind and social life. Be clear that we are neither as Hindu nor we are to be.
    My experiences about Buddha make me to express myself in public as follows: “In my opinion Buddha in his meditation experienced supreme soul and realized that the such a soul is still busy in saving the humanity from sufferings of the creation, so he made up his mind that there is no god but sufferings is reality and its removal is supreme; this experience was narrated by Guru Nanak who spoke “Nanak Dukhia Sab Sansar” and Guru Gobind Singh said, “ Jin Prem Kio Tin Prabu Piao”, Lord Christ , “Love is god” others Love the humanity if one loves the god” Guru Ravi Dass, “Sant tuji sang sangat pran, satgur gian jane sant devadev”; Saint Kabir, “Ram Kabira ek hai, kahan sunan ko do; do kar soi janai, satgur mela na hoi. There is no concept of god in any of thought of these persons. God is an intoxicant word that all these used to attract the attention of people. The reasons appears to me is nothing but to divert the attention of the concept of brahamnical god. They have tries to explain to the masses in one form or the others the truth or reality. Outside enlightenment of god and inside introspection of the link had been the theory of all great saints and messengers of god. This infallible faith has been helpful to unite a class of people. This society sometimes takes a larger shape because of the will of nature and confidence of the messengers made the religious societies.”
    All these persons whether it was Buddha or other saints or we in today’s life are all fighting individually to the same force as Buddha did, all saints did. What is the solution?

  3. Jagdish Prasad Meghwal says:

    मैं जगदीश प्रसाद मेघवाल चूरू (राज०) का मूल निवासी हूं मैं रास्ट्रीय सर्व मेघवंश संगठन में समाज सेवा देना चाहता हूंँ अगर मुझे संगठन में चूरू जिले से का नेतृत्व करने का अवसर मिले तो मैं तन मन धन से मरते दम तक समाज एंव संगठन के लिये काम करता रहूगा मो०न०-9460046449

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