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Santhal (संथाल): The aboriginal tribe of India; they sacrificed 10000 lives for their independence.

The history of great Santhal (the aboriginal tribe of India) also finds its roots in Indus Valley Civilization. Their struggle and spirit to sacrifice for their freedom was punished jointly by  Britishers, Indian zamidars and moneylenders.  Their  yearn for independence … Continue reading

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Koli, Kori, Kol – Aboriginal tribes of India

(इस पोस्ट का हिंदी पाठ)  An unknown friend Mr. Pritam Bhagat from Pathankot told me over mobile that mother of Buddha was a Koli (Kori). It interested me. Internet helped me in going to an article regarding Koli community. The … Continue reading

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1500 Bhil Meena sacrificed their lives for independence – स्वतंत्रता के लिए 1500 भील मीणा हुए थे शहीद

Govind Guru (This post is based upon an article published in a magazine ‘Meena Bharati’, September-October 2007 issue. I came to know about it through my colleague Vasundhara Meena. I am grateful to her.) Govind Guru (Govind Guru) was born … Continue reading

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