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The black has to die first – पहले काला मरेगा

In a Hollywood movie an African origin character Mr. Kol says to his white boss, “I know the black has to die first.” Is it not funny that a victim of racism is saying so? I recollected this dialogue while … Continue reading

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Birth anniversary of Ashoka the Great-2 – सम्राट अशोक की जयंती/जन्मदिवस-2

भारत का बच्चा-बच्चा जानता है कि भारत में एक यशस्वी सम्राट हुआ है जिस का नाम अशोक था. पूरी दुनिया उसे अशोक महान के नाम से जानती है. आप भी जानते हैं मैं भी जानता हूँ. क्या हम जानते हैं … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Tribes await freedom आज़ादी की बाट जोहते आदिवासी (मूलनिवासी)

Since morning I have sent good wishes to many friends.  But a thought haunts me whether all people In India got the freedom. Scheduled tribes of India are aboriginals of this land. They were chased away from their places by … Continue reading

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Aarakshan (आरक्षण) – यहाँ दो भारत बसते हैं – लोकल भारत लुट रहा है

I once heard some students discussing the medieval meaning of nationality. The conclusion was that at that time it had been limited to small states. It was not as vast as present day India. A sentence is often heard in … Continue reading

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Koli, Kori, Kol – Aboriginal tribes of India

(इस पोस्ट का हिंदी पाठ)  An unknown friend Mr. Pritam Bhagat from Pathankot told me over mobile that mother of Buddha was a Koli (Kori). It interested me. Internet helped me in going to an article regarding Koli community. The … Continue reading

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